Gulliver’s Park in the Turia Riverbed

If you’re looking at the Turia Riverbed using a satellite program such as Google Earth, you might be surprised by the presence of a giant tied onto the ground with ropes. And zoom in closer… what are those little specks climbing all over him? Lilliputians?

The Gulliver Park is the most inspired playground I’ve ever seen. Valencia’s Fallas artists have created a giant replica of Jonathan Swift’s hero in the Turia Riverbed, sprawled out on the ground and bound by ropes. The body is cleverly designed, with Gulliver’s hair and jacket serving as slides, folds in his sleeves and pants becoming stairs, and the ropes which trap him knotted for climbing.

This is a park meant for children, but even full-grown adults will find it difficult to resist the temptation to climb around on Gulliver. So go ahead and indulge your Lilliputian fantasies. The kids aren’t going to mind if you join in for awhile.

Check out Gulliver from above on our map

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